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Going fishing and avoiding the pythons

I live in south Florida. And - I enjoy fresh water fishing in the Florida Everglades for bass, which I always release. I fish from the bank and take in a calm, peaceful surroundings of wild sawgrass and cocoplum. Fishing was the easy part. The real trick was looking for animals - watching me. Sure, alligators are there, however, they mind their own business unless you walk up on a mother and her babies. Then watch out. I always found a fishing spot that was clear of tall grass. Things hide in the grass. Years ago, I saw the tops of the grass folding down. The bending grass was coming right at me. Then - a large snake's head popped up out of the foliage. I packed up. You have to keep your head moving, looking for cottonmouths. And now, there is the python. A possible large snake. Humans have stayed off its dining plate, yet small animals have disappeared over the years as the python has eaten its way across the everglades. You keep casting and watching. Still, I love the glades. No place like it anywhere. Just remember to watch where you step and keep an eye on anything approaching you. Now, go out there and have fun.

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