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I was supposed to go fishing.

I have more free time now. In fact, all of my time is my own now. I told people I was going to go fishing. Maybe some salt water outings, but mainly, I am attracted to the lure of freshwater fishing. There is a peace and calm that soothes the senses when you drop a line in the water. My fishing spots are in the Florida Everglades, where you could come face-to-face with crawling pythons, dark green alligators, birds of all kinds and during a certain time of the year, mosquitoes trying to carry you off. I love the place. That was going to be my destination. Fishing in the 'Glades. Anything I catch, I release. In the three years since I set off for my quest, I have gone fishing once. Yes, just one time. Why so little? I got absorbed in my passion of writing. I am completing books faster, working on promotion and enjoying every second. So, I gave in to the passion and made myself another promise. To go fishing one day. Maybe.

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