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Just where do those ideas come from?

There was once that little boy who uttered the famous words in a movie - "I see dead people." Well, for me, I see plots. No matter if I'm driving, or see a person who looks like he has a past, walk into a restaurant, I see a plot developing. For a person who writes mystery/thrillers, it's a good habit to have. For most of the time, I shrug off the thought and move on. Other times, the initial thought eventually works its way into a book. Part of this plot-thinking comes from my many, many years working on the streets of south Florida in TV news. I saw so much, experienced so much, and saw actual plot twists happening before me in real time, something had to rub off. I had people flat-out lie on camera. And there were those who conned others. All of those moments go into the big idea-making machine part of my thought process and out comes - a plot twist. If you lived in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, you saw just about every possible twist in a story. Some you could not believe. And so I take it all with me and when the moment is just right at the computer - Release the Plots!!! Have a great day.


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