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If you are new to the characters in the series, let me give you are tour.

Frank Tower is a private investigator. With a past. He was once a police officer in the city of Stilton Bay, Florida. His very close friend and former partner on the street is Mark David, now a detective. When a lot of crime scene money disappeared, Tower was accused of stealing the cash. He took a lie detector test to help prove his innocence. Then - he left the force. Tower's life is complicated. He had an affair with a client and is still patching things up with his wife, Shannon. Tower does not call his mother, mom, just Jackie. She was a crack addict who would leave him alone for hours at a time to score drugs. Tower learned to be on his own at an early age. Now recovered, Jackie runs a drug rehab center called The Never Too Late. Because of his close relationship to Detective David, Tower is called in to help investigate and at times becomes the subject of the investigation. The first book in the series is Pearls. The second book is Down to the Last Mark. They do not have to be read in a row. The third book in the series is Night Money, due to come out in the near future. Enjoy. And please leave any comments you might have. Thank you.


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