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All books are based in south Florida. 

Investigation ConFront Cover 5x8.jpg
Investigation Con

A con game gone wrong. Two beautiful women regularly flirt with men only to drug and steal. When they take something that could become a national threat, they find themselves on the run, amid a trail of murder - Investigation Con.
envy cover.jpg
Investigation Envy
Private Investigtor Frank Tower finds himself in the middle of a serial killer investigaton - when a body is discovered in a park. The victim is stuffed with valuables. PI Tower looks for answers in Investigation Envy
Wrath picture.png
Investigation Wrath 
When a singer witnesses a murder, only private investigator Frank Tower becomes her only protection from a hired killer. A south Florida thriller in the shadow of palm trees and the ocean in Investigation Wrath.
They all got the message. It was simple and alluring: Go to a location and you will find money. Lots of it. They found money.  Money on a very deadly scene. What would you do? Take the money and run? Sure, take the money then see what happens. Find out, in Investigation Greed.
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