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All books are based in south Florida. 

Encounter by Deadline
Diamonds. The lure and beauty of diamonds pulls TV reporter Matt Bowens into a search for a missing co-worker and friend. The search, however, leads to a trail of murder and a scheme that will encompass movers and shakers of south Florida. In a hunt for the truth, Bowens comes face to face with a killer and an Encounter by Deadline. 
Murder by Deadline


A phone call. A simple call into the newsroom thrusts TV reporter Matt Bowens directly into the path of a murder investigation. The ocean views and the calm of swaying palm trees are disrupted as Bowens must track down a stalker who is set to target his girlfriend as the next victim. Bowens is on a mission to find the truth before there is another Murder by Deadline.

Death by Deadline


There is a stalker in the Florida Everglades. Still, is the attacker human or animal. A death brings the attention of TV reporter Matt Bowens. Soon, south Florida will be put on notice for a killer in the  'Glades. Bowens is on the trail, looking before there is another Death By Deadline. 

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Deep Trouble 


Deep Trouble is a collection of mystery short stories, all with south Florida as the locale. From a gambler who faces the terrible truth while on a fishing trip, to a court drama with an ending no one could ever see coming, there are three stories of mystery. 

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