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If work experience counts as a basis for writing a mystery, then I have plenty. My years of work on the streets of south Florida as a tv journalist - have given me an insight and a fantastic view of the beauty of south Florida. I have a deep respect for the beauty of the Florida Everglades - a place where pythons and alligators roam. In my writing, I mix the wildness of the glades with the glitz of south Beach, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Ocean views and hot steamy nights are the norm and a great backdrop for my novels. I am a member of Mystery Writers of America. I belong to the south Florida chapter. I am an Emmy Award winner and I have a lifetime achievement award from N.A.T.A.S. 

I have witnessed hundreds of trials in south Florida, broke dozens of exclusive stories, reported on the history of this vast and great state, and admire the beauty of the ocean and the river of grass.  My book - The Exclusive - was just released by Severn River Publishing, featuring TV reporter Booker Johnson. Availalbe on Amazon. Book II will be out in July. Look for The Arrangement.  Enjoy the reading, enjoy the book.  

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