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The question is simple enough. Why? But why what? For me, as an author, the question is why write? When there is no guarantee of any sales, any world acknowledgement, no stampede of library managers banging on your door for an appearance, why take all that time to sit and write? A big question. And one many writers probably pose to themselves. For me, it's quite simple. Passion. If the passion to do something is strong enough, no one, no legion of doubters will stop you. There are the stories of singers, actors and others who were told - not - to do something, only to find they could be very successful. Even if they are not successful, no matter. Passion takes over. Writing is that passion to put words in a way that no one has done before. Writing is conveying a message of feeling that moves others to action. if you have been given that talent, your desire to write becomes paramount. I write the Frank Tower suspense thrillers. Tower, a former police officer and current private investigator in the fictional town of Stilton Bay, Florida, is a complicated man. I invented him and I enjoy writing about him. You see, beside passion, there is the joy of writing. If you write, I applaud you. And even greater applause if you read. Go for it. Write a great paragraph or grab a good book. It's all good.

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