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This is my first blog on the new website. When I am not writing, I am a photographer. The image is a post sunset in the Florida Keys. Writing is like painting - with words. I publish my blog like this: Expect to see a new blog entry near the first of the month. Depending on how busy my life is at the moment. After that, I break the blog subjects into two general areas. One - I write about my books and how life interacts with that process. And second - I write - about writing. I have several blog entries trying to encourage first tiime writers to keep going. I blog about writing the start of a book, the very important middle of the manuscript and soon - endings. I can write in the middle of a hurricane - if needed. I did so for years as a TV reporter in south Florida. Yes, I was one of those guys being shown bending with the wind and trying to stand up.

I love to write and yes, without a doubt, this is my passion. Till next month.

Again, welcome.


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