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Daydreaming your next book

As an author, there are places and scenes which boost your imagination, and thus - help you create the locale for your book and more importantly, how your characters will react in that locale. Even if you're not a writer, there must be places where your mind wanders and you conjure up fantastic scenarios. For me, I love the Florida Keys. The blue shades of water touching sandy beaches just before a brilliant sunset, always makes me think of a great thriller. You could be on a cruise ship, a beautiful penthouse, a cave, outside a hospital. All of these places give an author a moment to daydream a scene. I once ate at a restaurant (will not say where) and people just showed up and ordered food. There were no menus, you just looked at items listed on a chalk board. You see, the place did not have a permit to operate. It was great. And the food was fantastic. A bit clandestine. I used that scene in my book called Pearls. I'm sure you have a place. Just go there - and daydream.

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