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Yes, it's time to firm up goals for 2019.

In my yearly look back, I checked on my proposed goals for 2018. I did mostly good. I finished my book, Down To The Last Mark. Released in October. A TV screenplay I finished made it to the semi-finals in a national writing contest. I didn't do a planned second audio book, but that is one of the 2019 goals. I also plan to finish the two screenplays I started this year. I have a nice 15 minute "short" screenplay I will enter into contests. Still, one of my biggest goals is to communicate with you, the readers. Writing is a singular effort, alone with your computer, only coming up for air to share your work with beta-readers, agents and editors. The most important part in this is the readers. My next book (half-way finished) is called Night Money. Another 2019 goal. It will be finished by spring. And - my non-fiction book should be done by the end of 2019. A great year ahead. Keep turning the pages.

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