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An Introduction to my characters

If you don't mind, I'd like to introduce you to the cast of characters that make up my thrillers. First, all of my books are based in south Florida, land of mystery and exotic landscapes of alligators and snakes the length of a Buick. My protagonist is Frank Tower. He is a former Stilton Bay police officer, once accused of stealing $70 thousand dollars from the evidence room. Cleared, he quit and became a private investigator. He had an affair and in some ways, is still building trust again with his wife Shannon. She is a bit of a mystery as she has a storied past - that came out in my latest thriller - Down To The Last Mark. Frank does not refer to Jackie as mother or mom. She lost that tag when she would often run off to do crack and would leave little Frankie alone. Now Jackie runs the drug rehabilitation center called - The Never Too Late. Together, they face all kinds of troubles. Please check them out.

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