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It's time to give thanks...

For those of us who are authors, it is time to give thanks. Yes, thanks. Thanks to the readers who take the time to read the words, the books, the research and the story. Thanks to your own inspiration for coming up with the many story lines, plot twists, character flaws, scene settings, and strong conclusions. Thanks to the cover designers, who give us the look of what the book is all about in one frame of video. A snapshot of the book itself. And trust me, they are all very talented. Thanks to the many book store owners who take so much time to cater to readers. Many thanks to the publishers who receive countless thousands of book ideas, and go through them all until they find the ones they consider the gems. And many thanks to the writers. For most, this is a solitary effort, with just the writer and a computer, getting down the words and thoughts in a way that is perhaps done differently and said in a different way than anyone before. That is the challenge. Many thanks to you all.

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