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Writing - among the animals

If you live in south Florida, then you know all too well, that on any given day, something is watching you. That - something - could be small, or large. However, rest assured, the thing is moving. You see, I live among the animals. There are so many different kinds of lizards around my house, I have lost track. A few lizards just stare at you. And one - I have show pictures to others and they have no idea what it is. And yes - you will find an iguana roaming the streets. Just two minutes from me, in the Everglades, I can find alligators, poisonous snakes, and my newest neighbor, the python. From time to time, an alligator will get into it with a python. Just to the north of me are bears. First of all, I love it. The place is alive. Just be careful around lake water. Second, as a writer, don't hesitate to include the animals as part of your backdrop for your books. In fact, I wrote an entire book about my wild friends, called, Death by Deadline. Something or someone was attacking people at the edge of the 'Glades. You just have to learn how to write among the animals. Part of living in south Florida.

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