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I am taking on a new role. Voice over talent. Now that I am out of television, I can direct all my attention on my books. Writing. I am a very happy camper. However, with this new free time, I can also do a few things for the first time. And that leads me to voice over work. I hate to use the word 'work' because it is not work. I totally, completely enjoy talking, voice-acting in front of a microphone. I am new at this. You can already hear my voice. All you have to do is go to, look up Deep Trouble, by Mel Taylor and look for the audio book entry. You can hear the sample. This is a collection of my short stories, all mystery-related and based in south Florida. I enrolled in a voice-over class and I am learning a lot. Remember my post from last month: Just try. Who knows where this new venture will lead. I am just enjoying the journey.

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