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Starting the journey: narrating my audio book

Okay, growing up I didn't think my voice was any different than anyone else. Kid voice, shrill and normal. Teen years changed that. However, the real change happened at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. SIU is one of the best in the country for broadcasting. Okay, that's my opinion. Fast-forward a lot of years. I earned an Emmy Award, numerous other awards, saw a ton of history, all in the news gathering world, standing in front of a camera. Now, I am about to use my voice to narrate my own books. I am about to record my collection of short stories called Deep Trouble. Trust me, news announcing and narrating a book are two, very different, distinct things. Narrating is voice-acting. My office is now a big audio booth. I have a nice condenser microphone to record my voice. I am about to do this. I practiced the reading for many weeks and I think I am ready. Wish me the best. Hopefully, I will update you soon on the next step - after - the recording is done. As they say, stay tuned.

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