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The plot twist, and how to create them.

A mystery reader expects to be surprised. A surprise, or plot twist is part of the enjoyment of reading a good mystery or thriller. Still, where do they come from? When I plot out a book, I already know the beginning, middle and end. During the writing process, at least for me, is where I add the turning points in the book. The twist. However, I have a few of the major twists already set in my mind. In my book, Pearls, one major twist at the end comes after a book-long series of foreshadowing. The twist is developed over many, many pages and hopefully is a reward for the reader's devoted attention to the details of your book. Yes, it is like putting puzzle pieces together. In another twist, the entire story is turned upside down. These are plot points that have to be worked out in your mind. Some have their entire book plotted chapter by chapter before they write. For me, most is plotted, however, I love to free-range and go off in another direction if I think the book will be better. In saying this, I hope you will check out the new book, Pearls. And enjoy.

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