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The first chapter

More than anything, a writer wants to get the attention of the reader in the very first few pages. The first chapter. In those early paragraphs, introductions are being made. Problems are being stacked. A shocking moment is about to happen. And the reader is there to enjoy it all. This is one reason why I like mysteries and action thrillers so much. The puzzle starts and the reader is part of the journey. If you're starting out as a writer, then you have to see the entire big picture. The book has to come alive in your mind. Your imagination. The early plot must grab attention. The characters must attract a kinship that will endure for the entire book. Please think about that when you read Pearls. Great characters were my goal. And the plot? Well, I can't say too much about it. More than anything, I thank you for reading and savoring each word like a fantastic meal. Enjoy.

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