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Congrats to my nephew, the TV star

I watched him grow up. I saw him as a smiling, enthusiastic youngster who loved all the things little boys like to do. I'm talking about my nephew Vonzell Scott. When he was in first grade, I thought I would walk him to school. Nice idea, except he didn't want me to walk him inside the school. Seems I might embarrass him with his school mates. Fast forward to two weeks ago when we got word Vonzell would have a small part on the TV show, Chicago Fire. I watched in amazement. He played a tough teen who was starting a fight in the school cafeteria. Very nice job. Very convincing and pulled me into the scene. I wish him the best. Remember that name America...Vonzell Scott. My nephew, the TV star. I am proud of him. I will get to blog about writing next time. For now, I just want to say congratulations to a nice young man with a great future in acting.

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