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Much ado about everything

While on the job one morning, I was faced with the need to do several tasks. All of them needed almost immediate attention. In all, there were five tasks. I was in a challenge to figure out which task should take priority, yet I knew all them needed some attention - now. So what to do? I asked my boss the question - Am I expected to do all of these things at once? His answer: Yes.

Well, of course, it's impossible, but I get what he meant. I delegated one or two of the tasks, took on two myself and got to the last one right away. The point is, you can do it. You can do everything.

The problem then is the quality of each finished task, if you rush them all together. Trust me, they were done to the satisfaction of everyone. So, as you ponder all the tasks before you, you would be surprised on what you can get done with all of them, if pushed.

You can do the one, tow, three things and get them all done. Now. You can do - everything.

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