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Goals and resolutions for 2018

Okay, so I went back and looked at my goals one year ago at this time. I - did - finish my book. It is called Down To The Last Mark and it is being prepped for an agent or publication. I promised myself I would write two new screenplays. I almost did. both are just pages away from being finished. I thought I could narrate another audio book in 2017. That did not happen, however, it is high on the list for 2018. I am also - still in the beginning stages of my video game. Trust me, I will get there. So, what should I add for the coming year? I will start and finish the next Frank Tower book. No title yet, however, I keep smiling so myself when I think about the plot I have concocted. I really like it. I will start on another screenplay, enter at least two screenplay contests, and develop two TV series. A lot? Nope. Not when you are retired. Have fun readers. Buy a book for the Holidays, and if you like to write, get going? As my former agent always used to say, "Next year is a great year to be published."

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