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I love Chicago

Now, don't get me wrong. South Florida is my home. And for an author, there is so much to draw upon. However, I returned to Chicago, my birthplace. Spent a week there. And I wondered, why is it Hollywood loves the place? There are so many movies and TV series filmed there, it's just awesome. The place has a certain appeal. Maybe it's the gritty Chicagoeans, who absolutely never give up on a sports team. Maybe it's the great food, the pizzas, hot dogs and beef sandwiches. What about the lakefront, the fantastic downtown, with museums and fine places of art. I think it's all of that. And oh yes, Chicago has a reputation of a certain toughness. I loved growing up there. Many, many great friends to this day. As an author, maybe one day, I will get to write about the place. It was a nice trip back.

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