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My guide to getting to Avatar Flight of Passage

If you are like me, you really wanted to check out the new Disney World ride, Avatar Flight of Passage. Well, here is what I did to get to the ride without the long, long, long, wait. First, and this is important: Get to Animal Kingdom early. How early? I got there at 6:30am. To do so, I drove my car there, rather than relying on the Disney bus. Then, we traveled without a backpack, allowing us to forgo the bag check line. Time saved. Then, after the regular security check, we go to the gate at 7:40. I guess, since so many people converge on this ride, they let us into the park, probably since many more would be coming and we'd all jam up at the gate. We were escorted down, inside the park, down to the Avatar section at around 7:35am. Then, we were allowed to get in line for the rides. The line went by quickly. And the Flight of Passage ride itself is worth the wait. I will not describe it here - check it out for yourself, however, the ride is fantastic. But again, get there early.

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