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I've never done this before and...

I feel good about it. I have written a song. And, I have to say, a song about loss. The song was just finished and is part of the new suspense thriller I am still writing. One main character is a singer who is in trouble. Without getting too much into the plot, she writes the song about someone close to her. I've never written a song before and the experience has been fantastic. For me, songs are poetry with voice. I don't write poetry that much, however, the words came to me because I am invested in the character. What would my character say, or in this case, sing. I have blogged before about willing to try new things. This is one of those things. And - I liked it. But then, I love to write. The name of the book is Down to the Last Mark. And will be released later this year. Enjoy the day, try new things and hum the songs that make you happy.

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