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Can you really taste the pages?

Food. We all have our favorite meals. You have your favorite restaurants. What about in books? In my first book, Murder by Deadline, a main character cooks up onions, green and red peppers and sliced up sausage with a special sauce. I thought if you wanted to know more about a character, what better way than what that character eats. I tried to put the sizzle on the page. I kept up that thought when a plot twist was delivered, pardon the pun, at a dinner. In my book Pearls, I have a IT tech person who downs energy drinks. In one conversation with my main character, he popped a few of them, all while answering key questions to move the plot. Food can take center-stage and become part of the backdrop without too much fanfare. And yet, it is important. I am sure you have your favorite book and for sure, the characters will be involved with food. It says a lot about the character. So, as you devour your books, eat up what's written on the page. And enjoy. Pass the butter...

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