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To be honest with you...

Not everyone can write. There, I said it. Just like I could never be a surgeon, airline pilot, catcher for the Miami Marlins or walk the high wire between buildings. However, it does not mean you can't follow your instincts on what you should be doing. Generally, if you really, and I mean really like or want to do something, then you might have an inroad to doing those things. Add to that, there is the quote from the movie Magnum Force, "A man's got to know his limitations." Man or woman, how can you know that unless you try. Which leads me to say, don't be intimidated by the job or the task. That's where experience, classes, college and a good teacher come into play. Try it. Or at least, the start of trying. Growing up in urban Chicago, I never rode a horse before, until I went to summer camp. Had no idea I could do it. Guess what? I was a natural. Who would have thought. And that brings me all the way back to writing. Try. You never know where the first sentence or completed manuscript will take you. Just try. If it's not for you, you will know. But first, try.

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