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The making of a book trailer

I have had this on my radar for a long time - shooting, editing, and posting a book trailer. First, there was a trailer idea for my book, Death by Deadline. However, I want to create a trailer for my book, Pearls. The book is a suspense thriller involving two female con artists who find themselves in the middle of a run-for-your-life thriller through south Florida. They enlist the help of my protagonist Frank Tower, and the three of them are bent on stopping a plot to do real harm. The book was a finalist for Book of the Year - from the website Kindle Book Review. I think I can shoot this trailer with one subject and should take about half a day to shoot. The elements are simple yet hopefully powerful and will get my message across. As I go through the shoot in 2017, I will keep you posted on how it goes. The shooting and directing of the video will rest with me. The editing however, will require help. More on that later. The key thing I want to leave you with is, set a goal, work out the plan and do it. There's nothing like the saying 'when a plan comes together.' Make your plans in 2017 and do all of them.

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