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Yes, I am setting my resolutions (goals) for 2017

I went back the past two years to see how I did on my New Year's resolutions. From what I can see, I did very well. I met all the goals, resolutions and challenges I proposed for the year.

What were they? I started updating my blog more. I rewrote a unique screenplay. I started two other screenplays. I did - finish and publish my first audio book. The book is called Deep Trouble, a collection of mystery short stories on Amazon, I-Tunes and Audible. I did a heck of a job promoting my book, Pearls. At least, I think so. I started the next Frank Tower suspense thriller. So far, not bad.

And for 2017? I will finish the Frank Tower book. The book is called, Down to The Last Mark.

I will finish the two screenplays and do a third. I will continue to promote my work. I will do another audio book in 2017. I will create a video game. This is something that has been crawling at the back of my mind for five years. I will start work on my documentary. The only thing I see is a problem completing is the sci-fi book. We will see. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the year. Have a great holiday and - read - and if you can - write a book.

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