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This is novel writing month

For me, I think about this all the time, not just in the month of November. This is, in case you didn't know, Novel Writing Month. You see, I really hope people think about starting a book - every month - not just November. However, since this is - the - month, I would encourage you to think about starting the book that has been on your mind for months or ever years. Before you think writing a novel is a huge task, just start with one paragraph. That's it. Just a paragraph. And a bit of dialogue. See how it feels. Get bold. Write another four pages. Maybe even a whole chapter. There is more to it, of course, still the main thing is to get going. Before I start writing, I go through a ton of research to get all my facts right, even though it is fiction. Then go for it. Please do the same. It is do-able. After all, this is the month for no more excuses.

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