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Halloween: Ahhh, what a memory.

I was born and raised in the Midwest. Like, a zillion other kids, I eagerly awaited the arrival of Halloween. Free candy? For the taking? How can you beat that? I lived in a large apartment complex and that meant the potential of enough candy to clog up a dentist's office with patients for months. I spent days figuring on a costume, figured out the best route to get the most candy in a matter of hours and got a bag, no a pillow, no, a shopping cart; just kidding. A pillow. And then on the big night. Almost every year, it rained. Cold, unforgiving Midwest October rain. That meant a coat covered up the costumer. And that hard plastic mask meant you might have a problem seeing all the time. So the mask came off. Still, the memory stays with you. Forever. And as a writer, when you sit down to pen moments between friends in your book/movie/play, you will always have something to draw upon. Trick or treat, but mainly treat.

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