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Why I use short Chapters

In high school, I remember the reading assignments. Great books with long chapters. Time has sped up what we do today. The USA Today came out with short length-stories in the contents of its paper and the idea has - I think we can say - been a success. All that had nothing to do with the way I lay out my books. I just believe I can say more with fewer words and get to the point. In doing so, my chapters tend to be shorter than many books. I don't mind. For me, I think the pace is kept up and the book moves at a much faster mode with short chapters. There is still character development, however, I am aiming to make the reading experience a fulfilling one with - I admit it - a lot more chapters. I invite you to check my latest book, Pearls. The pace is fast, but I think that matches the world today. Our information, our data gathering, the way we absorb photographs, all come at a fast, fast pace. I like to have my books match the world. Check out Pearls and let me know what you think.

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