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What was the Mona Lisa about to say

Yes, I am talking about dialogue. You can't have a story without spoken words. And yes, there is a lot of action in books, however, you still need the spoken word. Why? Because the words move the story. And the spoken words in a book reveal character. And they reveal a character's motivation, heart, goal, resentments, reasons for revenge, happiness, wants, needs, bodily demands, and love. There is a lot to dialogue. There is also anger, frustration, timidness and caring. All of these things go into your characters. So, dialogue is very important. Dialogue has to convey a feeling. Dialogue in a book has to be powerful. It cannot be "hello Sam." And "hello Joe." That will not move the story and not keep readers interested. Instead, what about, "Get the lottery ticket, it's just under the knife wound." You see the difference? Reader interest and moves he story. Okay, so what was Mona Lisa about to say? Make up your own verson. For me, I think she was about to say, "You want me to stay, but I have to go."

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