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Looking back at 2015 resolutions

I went back and took a long hard look at the resolutions I made exactly one year ago, going into 2015, to see how I did. Apparently, not bad.

I proposed to do more writing in 2015. I did that. I published a book called Pearls.

I also co-wrote a screenplay. Started another screenplay and will start yet another screenplay on Saturday.

I proposed to do a second blog. I did and did not. I started a second blog, which can be ready on Goodreads. However, I said I would blog twice a month. That did not happen in 2015.

I also mentioned starting a Sci-Fi book. Did not happen. And no audio book as yet.

So what about 2016?

First, I will finish three new screenplays. And make them shine. I will, repeat will, do audio books. That is a must.

I plan to be the best promoter of my books the world has ever seen. And finally, I will start and finish the next Frank Tower book. The rewiews on Pearls have all been good.

Happy New Year.

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