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Alligators and bicycle wheels

I love south Florida and the outdoors. I like it so much I live two minues away from the Florida Everglades. I also have a liking for the animals roaming not too far from me. It's for that reason that I have included the Everglades in my first three books and my collection of short stories. We have a backdrop unlike any other place. An example. A week ago, a group of bicyclists were traveling along a busy highway which boarders on the 'glades. On this beautiful, bright Saturday morning the cyclists ran into something that made all of them stop.

An alligator.

Unfortunately, the alligator was dead. And also unfortunately, the cyclists ran into the gator and they went down. From what I heard all is well with them. I also wish the gator was alive and well. Still it shows you just what you might encounter in the wild, wild Everglades. It is that wildness that I like to use as a backdrop for my books. You see, in south Florida, you can go from the 'glades and travel just more than ten miles and you are staring at the Atlantic ocean. Beautiful.

If you are looking for a naturual backdrop, there you go.

Going past my back door, I have seen foxes, snakes, hawks, turkey buzzards and wild parrots.

I love it.

You take that and the history that goes with south Florida and you see why so many writers like to put words to paper about this place.

Including me.

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