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The fine art of waiting

I am in a good position. My latest book, an action thriller, is under consideration by a major publisher. In one sense, that is very good. However, while the consideration is nice, there is the other aspect of the whole event: waiting. I once waited a year for my first book to accepted by a publisher. Long ordeal? Yes. Worth it? Yes, indeed! The book was the dream ending. Right now, the wait has been about two weeks. Since that first book was accepted, I have learned a few things. If you are a writer, take heed. While the work is being studied, read, passed on to others on the editorial team, you should be doing what? That's right. You keep right on writing. Get another book going, write the words to a song, start a screenplay. Do something. You think positive, like a winner and keep right on pushing for another finished something to pass on to a potential interested party. Right now, while my book is being considered, I started another book, started a screenplay and I'm about to start a second screenplay to be entered into a writing contest. Too much? No way. Just keep writing. I promise you, you'll feel better and your mind will be off the wait for a response.

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