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December 2014 - Express yourself

When the Miami Heat made its last run in winning a championship in the NBA, there was a phrase the team used to guide them. After the team won and it was time to work out the details of how this was all accomplished, it was player Mike Miller who let the world know one very valuable direction for the team when he uttered the words, "Let it fly." Of course, Miller was talking about tossing being timid to the side, and even if you're not sure, take the shot. And for the Heat, taking the shot was a very good thing. The shots led to a championship. And regarding your writing, take the same approach. Worried about how the world will accept your book, your thoughts, your words, your idea, your plot twists, your very heart poured out on the pages, then never fear.

Let it fly.

You see, you have to write with your heart flowing through your fingers, to the keys and on the page. Toss out being worried and reshape the world with your words.

Let it fly.

Create the character that will make the world stop and sit down and read. Write the book that will create buzz, make the world talk and give some reason to make people converse and think. You can do it with your novel. You can do it with your characters. Your plot. Your ability to make people turn the pages.

Sit down and write the book you've always wanted to write.

Let it fly.

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