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August 2014 Finding a setting for your book

If you live in south Florida, then you already know this is a dream place for the setting of a book. My favorite place of places is the Florida Everglades. It's a tough group out there. Better watch your butt. I've spent years fishing in the Glades and I've come face to face with alligators and snakes. I once walked to a favorite fishing spot and I got into a stare-down with fifteen of the worst smelling vultures you could ever come across. I did not blink. Walked right past them. Man, they stunk. I also like the fast pace of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Combined, these make for a great backdrop for a book. But what about a made-up city? In my new book, I have created a city called Stilton Bay. What about then? Well, I created in my mind a downtown, the other side of the tracks, the business district, everything. When writing the book, I simply used my visual setup to formulate the city for my charactes to roam. I like the idea. So far, it has worked. I took a few things from my many trips across Florida and inserted them into the fabric of the city. Look for the book to come out hopefully early next year.

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