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Pearls - semi-finalist - Kindle Book Awards

The announcement came a few days ago. My book, Pearls is now a semi-finalist in the Kindle Book Awards contest. Just getting to this position is quite an honor. If you have picked up the book or loaded a version through Kindle, I say thank you. If not, Pearls is about two women, busy with their various exploits, when they are thrust into a situation, and forced down a trail of murder. This suspense-thriller is set in south Florida. Joining them is private investigator Frank Tower. The book also centers on Jackie, Frank's mother who was - at one time - a crack addict who so much loved her drugs rather than her son, who now runs a drug rehabilitation center. Frank has his own history as the book will detail. I just wanted to say thank you to all who still enjoy a good read, the development of characters and a strong plot twist.

Please enjoy Pearls.

The link to Amazon:

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