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For writers: The self-publish journey

I came up with the idea for Pearls about four years ago. The book took about a year to write and I comletely enjoyed every second of writing the book. If you're thinking about self-publishing, there are scores of websites, books, blogs and tweets. Here's my best thought for you. You have to assemble your team. By that I mean, the people who will take your dream of a book and turn that manuscript into a book suitable for Kindle, Nook, and Ibooks. Who is on my team? Well, I start with a good cover artist. This is important. The cover art has to show your vision. And always remember the cover will be reduced down to postage stame size and your cover must still stand out. I have been lucky to work with a great cover artist. The Pearls cover, I think, makes you want to inquire as to what the book is about. If you can afford it, find a good editor. I do not formulate my books for Kindle. The person who does that is the third person on the team. Finally, I have help making sure I am making all the right moves uploading the book and inserting the flap copy, getting the ISBN number and of course, making sure the book has a copyright. Finally, the last part of the self-publish journey is promoting the book. That, in itself, is important and is a book in itself. I hope everyone enjoys Pearls.

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